Getting OPB MIDI out of the BBM for editing with a digital audio workstation (DAW)

One method I have used is to take the midi out of the beatbuddy and go into a DAW. Perform the song on the beatbuddy - hitting the pedal for fills transitions etc. - and records the midi notes into the DAW. Then import the resulting one push song into beatbuddy. You’ll need the beatbuddy midi breakout cable.

The post seemed kind of out of place to the original question so I moved this into a separate and new topic.

Thanks for sharing your workaround. It’s too bad that Singular Sound hasn’t fixed the Export to MIDI capability in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) yet but if and when they ever do, your workaround would probably no longer be needed.

Agreed, an export to midi feature would be nice, as would many things severely lacking in the BBM. I do think my post was on topic in that I wanted to share my method to “convert” premium songs to one press. But it’s :sunglasses:

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There is an Export to MIDI capability in the BBM already but it just doesn’t work accurately enough to be of much value. It works in the beta versions but those have not been widely released because they introduce new bugs.