Getting out of "Pause" mode on BB without any drums playing

in live performance, I mostly use the FS+ to PAUSE the song (and, if feeling dramatic, also triggering crash with the other FS+ button).

The problem I run into is that to do a different song, I often need the BB to be in STOP mode (I’m using Aeros, BB and MM together), but the only way I know to get there is to double tap BB to “end” the song, which means I (and the audience) hear a few seconds of drums.

If it helps, I am using my ipad to trigger some songs (using midi commands via Onsong). I think that does the trick if the song is already set up in Onsong with midi commands to send bpm and song info to BB (and Aeros… which is an awesome feature), but if trying to do something on the fly, I need some way to get BB to change mode form Pause to Stop silently.

if i need to do a midi command to get BB to stopped state from the ipad, is there a way to have that option avaialble on the song page that’s open in Onsong? are there other midi apps that i could have on ipad that would send that stop message to BB? Could I do it from the MM?

(On a related side note for Aeros folks… is there any way to delete tracks silently yet that maybe I missed?)

Thank you!

I’m not near my BB pedal right now (so I don’t know if it’s a setting), but when I have the BB paused with the foot switch, a long press and hold on the main pedal stops the song with no additional sounds.

(However, I’m not using my Aeros with my BB, so I don’t know if that makes a difference.)

I have discovered by accident, that if I tap my air pedal too many times (pages) in OnSong, if the next song has a midi program change for a different BB song, it immediately stops the current song and gets the next song cued up. Can be great if that’s what you WANT to happen… Not so great if done in the middle of a really epic tune! :wink:

Hey there,

try this:

  1. Pause the BeatBuddy and send an Outro command (using footswitch set to Outro or MIDI CC115 value 1-127) while the BB is paused
  2. Set the External Unpause setting to always stop song (Main Pedal> Unpause Behavior > External Unpause).

This should stop the song without any playback

You can also accomplish similarly using the BB main pedal unless you need it to do something else while paused

  1. Set the Main Pedal unpause behavior (Tap) to Stop Song, d

Do either work?

Thanks for the question, let me know

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