Getting ready to test BeatBuddy support in unrealBook

I put in support for BeatBuddy. It’s in the early stages but you can dial up songs via bank select (with names), save songs and tempo information per page if you want. In addition, I have implemented the a pedal button which works exactly like the actual pedal on the unit. Volume control, start, fill and stop buttons as well.

In addition, I put in favorites. Basically you can rename your songs with alternate names and comment along with tempo. You can view and search for these favorites separately from the factory presets. The names are stored in a csv so you can always change the “default” names.
Let me know if you want to test it.

Is this already part of the most recent UB update, or is this something I need to specifically ask for? I am a UB beta tester already at my personal email address (

It’s in the beta. Will appear shortly.

Some Saturday night fun! Mapped the Airturn pedal via unrealBook’s Airturn port assignments to BeatBuddy. All wireless if you want! Now you can start/stop/fill/end with one button. Fun times ahead!
Definitely going to use this on a gig soon! Right now my Airturn is set to prev page, next page, set list song button and BeatBuddy Pedal!

I also put in a clipboard button. You can press the button, then the MIDI data is copied to the clipboard so you can paste it anywhere you want to manually add MIDI.