Getting Set Lists only on SD Card - HELP!!!!!!

I am trying to get just my set lists on a new SD Card. It’s on the SD Card on the computer but not showing up in the BeatBuddy. I originally synched everything then I was back to an entire duplicate of the original SD Card with everything on it. I don’t want that for my shows…I only want my set lists. Can someone please help walk me through this?

Try this:
[]In the BBM highlight the folder you want for your show
]From the BBM > File > Export Folder (to desktop); it will appear as name of setlist1.pbf);
[]Repeat for as many setlist folders you intend to use for your show
]From BBM > File > New Project (give it a name)
[]BBM > File > Import > Folder (import setlist1, setlist2, etc)
]BBM > File > Save Project
[]Insert SD card into computer slot reader
]BBM > File > Export > Project to SD Card (accept prompts to overwrite existing project on card and sync)
[*]Eject card; power off to pedal; insert card; power on to pedal; check and test songs; you may have to check pedal settings
It’s a good idea to always have a duplicate SD card as backup with you for your show.


Thank you so very much. I created my set lists last night and saved the folders but when I synched it everything that I have on the original SD card was duplicated. I tried to move everything from the SD card except the setlist folders and nothing would show in the B.B. when I inserted the new SD card. But it showed in the B.B. before I cleared all but the setlists!

I will clear the new SD card and follow your instructions. I’m sending a big hug to you! I am so grateful for the help you have given me.

Stay Tuned :slight_smile:

THANK YOU!!! My husband was able to do this for me before I got home from work. Now I have an SD Card with everything on it (Master) and one with just my Set Lists and Master Song list. THANKS AGAIN!!! Much appreciated.

Stay Tuned :slight_smile:

I have tried this method a dozen times…When I get the folders into a new project and click save it doesn’t look like anything is being saved…All the songs show but won’t play when started…when I try to saved the project to the sd card I get the first message ("Use saved location c:?) when I click yes I get this next message (“chosen destination already contains a project do you want to override ?”) I click yes but nothing happens.

Are you saving on your SD card?

That’s your C drive, not your SD card. Click ‘no’ on that, because that’s basically asking you to save it to your computer. You need to select the SD card’s drive. On the left pane of Windows Explorer, it should say REMOVABLE DRIVE or something of that sort. Select the drive itself, and click ‘open’. To ensure you have selected the correct drive, you should a folders with the names PARAMS/DRUMSETS and others. Make sure you select the drive itself and click ‘open’, not any of the folders or files within the drive.