Getting the Premium Library Content into the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)

This is kind of off subject but you sound pretty savy with this thing. I just purchased and downloaded the Premium SD Library to my SD card, but cannot find the new added material, I.E. Led Zeppelin songs, on my BB. I am still just showing the original files, 1-22, rock, funk, punk, etc. Where the hell do I find the added premium content???

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Lock your SD card first and then use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to Open Project and navigate to your SD card to open the project and then follow the prompts to save to your bbworkspace. Don’t accept the prompts for future synchronization. If you’re looking for the premium drum sets, click on the Drum Sets tab and see if they are listed in the drop down menu. If they are not check–marked in the dropdown, then check the ones you want to use. They should also be available within your songs.

I created a folder in BB Manager w/ songs that I have edited from the original BB content SD card.
I am planning to download the Premium Library on to a new SD card and then want to import the folder w/ my customized content.
Is this the correct process so that now I can customize edit and save all beats (standard + Premium)?
Do I need to delete BB Manager and all content and re-download to do this?

Basically the correct process with the following exception:

  • If you want your folder with your edited content combined with your premium content (PLC), use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to select that folder and then export the folder to your desktop;
  • Place the SD card with your PLC in your computer slot reader;
  • Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File - Open Project and navigate to your SD card; select Open;
  • You will be prompted to save the project to your bbworkspace folder on your computer; you can give the project a new name if you want;
  • You’ll then be asked if you want to do future syncs which you should accept.
  • Use the BBM File - Import - Folder and navigate to your edited content and select Open.

LATE EDIT: you should not delete any of your existing BBM content. Why not? Because you are creating a new project with your premium content.

Worked great with the exception the Premium Library content will not play (no sound play feature, pedal does not activate play).
The BB Manager does play my imported file of custom songs.
The BeatBuddy pedal plays all.

in your BBM, click the Drum Sets tab, scroll to the bottom and check any unchecked boxes.

This is what I see in the drumset tab - no boxes to check - ?

I doubled clicked on the 1st couple of drum sets and that opened a check box which was checked. Is that what I need to do for each?
Asking me to save to workspace when I do this

That did not allow me to play any of the drumsets I checked - ?

If you don’t make any changes to the drum set, no need to save. Try quitting and then reopening your BBM to hear if the PLC stuff plays.

Also try changing the drum set on one of your custom songs to the Funk kit. Does it play?

Only thing I can think of that’s happening is that your PLC content might not be complete or intact. You can try downloading, unzipping and testing the PLC songs and beats. There should be audio and the BBM controls should work.

Closed and re-opened BB Manager and same.
Default content and my songs play.
Premium Content does not.

When I try and change 1 of my songs to a different drum set, my drum set folders in both default and user libraries are empty.

Do I need to do anything w/ the 3 drum sets I double-clicked?

You could also try double-clicking the rest of them and checking the boxes as well but I’m doubting that will work.

Are you a Windows user? If so, I think the folder contents are invisible.

What is the size of the zipped PLC file? Does it include the Groove Monkee content?

I double clicked each drum set and now the Premium Library songs play.

Yes, Windows user.

No Groove Monkey in zip folder.

1,133,204 kb is the size of the zipped folder

Life is good, then.

yes, appreciate your help.

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Had a question as to where to find the midi files for the Premium library. Like to mix and match intros, outros, fills, etc… from different songs, but when I go to select a Midi file, I am only seeing the folders up to World and not the Premium Library folders under default lib/midi sources.

Do I just copy them from the song file in BB Manager?

I believe the MIDI source files are only available for the default content from

You can export to MIDI from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) for the particular premium song you’d like to edit but that’s about it.