Getting used to tapping

I have set up my first simple BeatBuddy arrangement, having use just OPB so far. I have set up what one of your eminent subscribers (might have been Phil flood or persist) calls a JAM. That is to say, there are three parts: most of the song in the intro, the bit that’s going to get repeated (typically for the solo) in the main loop, and the remainder of the song in the outro. So there is only one difficult bit for me, where I need to double tap to get out of the solo and into the outro. A series of experiments has shown me that, when I decide to finish the solo and come to the last bar (measure) of the main loop and before it does loop, different things happen depending on when I double tap.

  1. When I double tap on beat 4 the next bar is the start of the outro. That’s good.
  2. If I double tap any earlier than that the outro takes over straight away, so the start of the bar is the last of the main loop and the end of the bar is what remains of the first bar of the outro.

So if I do 2 I lose a bar, which plays havoc with the arrangement. The BB is going to finish the song a bar before me.
So I’m wondering, should I practice tapping on beat four to get it right, or should I tap earlier and just allow for it by adding an extra bar in the outro part of the arrangement? What do experienced practitioners do?

I’d say either way works, you can also set one footswitch to send an outro message with just one tap.