Ghosts - OPBk

Bruce Springsteen

Notes :
My first song so go easy. Requires a kit with piano.
Here’s last night live performance of the song on SNL:

Suggested kit(s) :

  • NP Standard Bass Piano
  • Bosendorfer Jazz Trio 60+C1

Includes : 1 song, MIDI source file and Chords & Lyrics (259.1 KB)

[edit 3] lowered a bit the piano volume, fix as per @persist suggestions (thanks!), changed default kit


Looking forward to trying this out.

Did you know you can upload zip files to the forum?

Ops. I didn’t noticed I can add attachments. Uploaded now :wink: Thanks!

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Thanks - this is great - glad you used the live version with the count in! your notes state key of B which is correct but the chord sheet is in C. Easy to transpose of course. There’s some high notes in the Chorus - even for Bruce and Co! Key of A would be better for me! This is great however, love this song off of the new album. Any other Bruce would be much appreciated! Michael


Here’s transposed down to A:
Ghosts_(A).sng (24.6 KB)

Yes there will be more Bruce :wink: