Gigging with the Beat Buddy!!!

I have been playing in bands now for a few years. I decided to get the Beat Buddy as a rehearsal tool to help me work out songs when I was on my own and not with the band. I have my Beat Buddy since November 2014. A little over a year now. I started a new band (a duo) with another guy around the same time. We were both in different bands and decided to collaborate together to form a new group. We started rehearsing a set shortly after that and played our first gig in March last year. From the outset, we used the Beat Buddy not only as a rehearsal tool but as our live drum track. We find it invaluable. We love the pedal so much that we bought a second one, in case catastrophe strikes at a gig. So we will always have a contingency plan in place. We use the pedal for the whole gig. Every song has a beat. and all the setlists are carefully planned and set out in the pedal’s SD card before every show if there has been changes made.

Now to give you some idea of how hard the BB works for us. I went through our diary for last year and counted up the amount of gigs that we played since we started on the 15th March 2015. Since that date we played 47 gigs up to and including New Years Eve. We even played a festival in the summer in front of 3000 people. all with the Beat Buddy pounding away.

Our usual set is about 2.5 to 3 hours and we also rehearse about once a week to work on new additions to the set (as it always seems to evolve). So I think that the Beat Buddy is worth it’s weight in Gold. It works hard and makes us sound good. We certainly would not be the same band without it. We were very busy last year and part of that credit goes to the Beat Buddy and it’s creators. You have helped us mould a product that we can sell to Bars and Clubs. We have a small following in our area and are very thankful that people come out regularly to see us and enjoy their night with us.

Since our duo took off, we both left our separate bands to concentrate on our project. we really didn’t have the time to put into other bands with rehearsal schedules and gig dates. I think that the purpose of this post was really to say, that if I hadn’t purchased the Beat Buddy. I would still be in the band I was in before, playing possibly 8-10 gigs a year. Since purchasing the pedal, I am busy, I’m having a lot of fun and I get to do something that I love regularly in front of people that seem to appreciate it aswell. So thanks for reading this and many thanks to Beat Buddy creators and to Beat Buddy Support (who have helped us out when we had some problems in the past). So from a busy duo “The Bandeleros”, we say bring on 2016 and whatever may unfold for us this year. Hopefully to bigger and better things. Keep on Rockin’ xxx

Well done!!
Your post has filled me with confidence and enthusiasm about the BB and its potential to open up new markets (with old musos, LOL).
I am about a year behind you in progress but hope one day to tell a similar story.


Since you’re regularly gigging with BeatBuddy PLEASE post your experiences, as well as any problems, ideas. innovations, etc. that you’ve discovered. Please include info on your rig, PA, pedals, genre, sets,what band member actually runs the BeatBuddy, etc. Thanks! We’re all excited about your success with BB!