Give us the freedom to choose what we want!

So after a time to use the MM. There is something that you can change for my opinion !
The possibilitie to upload and download custom modes exist !
When I launch the MM , I come on the menu page with
Custom mode - Beatbuddy mode - Aeros Mode
Firmware - Cancel - Pedal Cal

Could be a good idea to give us the freedom to erase the Beatbuddy mode and Aeros mode
to have 3 custom modes !
And for people want to keep the original modes , they can just upload and install the original
And to select between the 3 custom mode you can use the switch with the Firmware
In this case you get
Custom mode 1 - Custom Mode 2- Custom mode 3
Select custom - Cancel - Pedal cal
And put the firmware version under “Cancel”
Could be more useful I think



We may do this eventually!

This request already exists so I will close this thread, for now we are focused on V2.0.0 of the apps. Please forward any thoughts to this other thread, thanks!