Glitchy headphone volume popup screen issue

I am running the latest firmware, and still from time to time see the headphone volume screen pop up for no reason when doing other things. I have nothing connected to the headphone jack and keep it at 0%. I know this was an ongoing issue for the previous firmwares and thought this was already addressed but it seems to still plague the BB. I have a video I shot yesterday of the headphone volume screen popping up and the level fluctuating with the pulse of the metronome :

Any thoughts what it could be - wondering if its actually a mechanical issue of the volume control as it seems to be pulsating with the metronome on my vid - Is there a fix for this?

Please help…

Contact Support,

I thought this subforum was where to post for them to see it. I will email them as well.

I’ve got this problem too, since updating to firmware v.2.04

So annoying I dropped back to the previous firmware.

I seem to have overcome the problem. Firstly I restored my old backup to the SD Card and went back to the previous firmware level.

Next I reinstalled v.2.04, but this time with the Headphone Volume wheel turned up to 100%.
The glitch hasn’t some back, even when I lower the Headphone Volume level to 0%

No idea what the logic is there? Maybe a parameter being written differently?
Pleased it worked, there are some nice new features in v.2.04