Global Assignment of An Accent

I just generated a new folder of songs and realized that none had accents. Is it possible in the BeatBuddy Manager to import in an accent (e.g., cymbals) to all the songs in the folder in a global way (i.e., rather than having to do it one at a time)?

What you can do is copy an accent and paste it (one at a time:(…) to all songparts. I think it is the easiest way (and dont last so long), but unfortunately theres no global import AFAIK.

Dennis…thanks for that info! Your suggestion is exactly what I’ll do. I appreciate it.

Do I have to create a song in order to add accents to beat buddy? Not very user friendly… and Why wouldn’t they already have accents to the songs already?

The BB content-songs allready have accents, no need to add accents to the BB. If you create new songs (e.g. with a third party midi programm), or if you use user songs or bought stuff, youll have to add accents to this songs, ìf they dont come with accents, but you can use the existing ones in BB (e.g. with copy and paste, like mentioned before)…:slight_smile:

I finally got the accent to work now… Thank you for your time.

ok, back again, I don’t get it… I will have the accent working and change different genres and sometimes it works and sometimes not. frustrating. Would the pedal be faulty? or would I be doing something wrong?

What do you mean with sometimes, sometimes not? o_O
If only every second step gets noticed:
Did you go thru the footswitch detector function (BB checks automatically e.g. if FS is momentary or latching…)…? Do you have Mono or Stereo patch cable? :confused:
Did you check with another TRS cable;)? If you have another FS, try with this one…

If this does not help, You will have to contact support, I then have no idea what causes this…:frowning:
Good luck.

Im using the cable that came with FS (stereo), What does latching or momentary matter if FS works half the time? I Have no other cables to try. I will call sweet water and see what they say… Just so you know… I have the left switch for accent and the right switch for pause i.e. step on switch for pause and step again to unpause. am I missing something? I really do appreciate your time.

If latching switch is connected and the default in BB is momentary, youll have to press twice to pause or unpause. Or is it vice versa? (getting confused now:confused:... In the other way round, pause will just stay as long as you press pedal... (Youll get two accent hits then, one while pressing, one at release).

its safe to say I press switch one time and get one accent ( when working) again, I don’t understand how this has anything to do with accent working half the time? sometimes it works and sometimes it does not… I can try to use it on blues and it will work, and then try on funk and it works fine
Please explain what Im doing wrong . Thank you

Do you use the same accent in the songs? Maybe there are any not supported (don`t know if this could be, but in the song midi files there were some problems if using unsupported Midi notes…)?
Or does it appears in same song sometimes working, sometimes not? Maybe a damaged patch cable?

Yes, now your hearing me :)… I can play the same song and sometimes the accent works and then it doesn’t. I will call sweet water and see what they say on Tues… I thought I was losing my mind. Very frustrating, I was thinking I was doing something wrong. I will ask support as well