Gm midi problem and No song..on BB


Gm midi files running thru the bb editor sound different and tempo different and seems like some of the kicks and snares are not hitting …they sound nothing like they do playing thru the computer…not running thru the editor…any suggestions why?

No song… has appeared on my BB…I am unable to get the material from the sd card back onto the BB even tho it is on the Sd card…I have tried everything except downloading the back up sd from download section…I don’t know what happen.

the software shuts off very often while I am working on editing songs…why I don’t know…

while trying to get the BB ready for a gig…its difficult after placing the files into the appropriate positions…then playing back thru the editor to check to see if it is going to sound good then the tempo is off and the drums don’t sound anything like the ones I just added…
I have them in a folder… when played thru anything but the BB editor they sound fine…just thru the BB editor they don’t sound like anything that could be used live and they are Gm midi files… is anyone having this problem?

I hope I can get the material back on the BB so I can use it in few days I am getting worried…


Please take a look here - Most likely the drumset you are using wasn’t intended to cover all MIDI notes that are used in your MIDI sample.

You can do one of the following:

  1. replace the uncovered MIDI notes with the ones that are covered in a drumset of your choice
  2. edit the drumset of your choice by providing the WAV samples for MIDI notes that you need, or
  3. make your own drumset with all the MIDI notes covered with WAV samples.

Additional info:

  1. currently you will need to use a third party software for editing MIDI files (but MIDI editor is coming to BBManager)
  2. currently there is a difficulty (looks like it is impossible) with extracting WAV samples from existing drumsets (this may change later)
  3. As for the playback issue you are having - if BBManager doesn’t play some of the notes, your BB unit will not play them either. Third party software can playback you MIDI files in a totally different way. Some users are currently experiencing very distorted and unpleasant sound from their BBManager - this won’t be the case with your hardware unit. BeatBuddy will play normally.