God Bless the Child re-up - Blood Sweat & Tears, Billie Holliday

This was a challenge. I had tried this before I made the keyboard kits, and just gave up, and made a simple, but not very good, bass and drums arrangement, from which I could play a version of the song. In redo-ing it, I see why I gave up - multiple time signatures, multiple tempos - it’s just not the kind of thing the BB is made for. I went to the old arrangement to see what I had done. Obviously, the first thing gone was the long up-tempo jam. When we get mid-song tempo change, I may revisit that. Until then, we have this in the meantime, horn-parts on the upper end of the organ, and we go through the song to where the long jam would be. That is replaced by a jam over the G13 and Gm7/C vamp. Oh, yeah, I raised the whole arrangement by a 1/2 tone to get it into a reasonable guitar key. Then it wraps up with a reasonable facsimile of the original post-jam close.

Uses NP P-Bass and Hammond 2.

Includes: .sng, original midi so you can see what I man-handled, chords and lyrics, and midi parts files, inc case you want to do more editing

Download Here