"Going down"

Colin James “going down” anyone? Non Op or Op is OK in the key of A with bass

The Don Nix / Freddie King/Jeff Beck tune?
I’ve got it in G … It’s a long loop to the solo.

If you have theory, you can experiment right clicking/ transposing in the BB mrg editor . :wink:
(it’s alot easier now that you can move whole lines into place.)
I did it for bad moon rising …once.
or you can rip the bass line apart,& transpose it …
( I cant do that, … apparently Reaper DAW can do it. )

Here’s A & G :wink: .
I left the JB in (they are all Jeff versions, just named differently )
… in case you want to lower snare, toms & kick levels accordingly.

I’m just unloading gear today, but, figured I’d finish this one up … R&Roll .

  • update* had to reinstall the count-in …BB cancels ‘no notes’… I forgot, going back to bed .