Golden Brown (The Stranglers) Updated!

Golden_Brown.sng (4.5 KB)


Is this complete? I see only the intro.

Probably meant to be a one-press bass (OPB)

I use this one. Seems complete. 2 bar intro. It keeps switching between 3/4 and 4/4 which I love.

With a single press, for the entire song.

I’m new here, and just getting used to OP ,OPB songs I Really love and would love to use this but I’m not hearing the Bass Should I be hearing it ? and last question when do I come in and end or does it matter.
All help is much Appreciated.

To use this song with bass, you need the Rock with Bass kit. It shows you which kit is required when you import it into BBM


If you have an asterisk in front of the name, it means you don’t have that kit included in your project.

It is possible to use an alternate kit which includes bass but whichever kit you use it will need to have the bass notes in the same locations as the Rock with Bass kit.

I think not, it has to be with Rock with Bass.
I’ve tried it with other drum kits and it doesn’t work.

You have to put on the Rock with Bass kit to hear the bass.
This song has all the bars from beginning to end.
It is pressed once at the beginning and is accompanied by guitar and vocals.

Golden Brown (The Stranglers) Updated
Rock and Rick Bass. In B flat.Golden_Brown_(actualized).sng (11.1 KB)