Good Girls Don't OPB

The Knack


  • As I find time, I am starting to rework some of the first songs I posted; in most cases, the song may have been retooled using a new source file; cheat sheet might have been revised; count-in has been added; velocity has been lowered on toms, cymbals and bass guitar
  • Starts after the 4th hit of the HH count-in

Suggested kit(s): NP StdPBass 63-91

Includes: 1 song, MIDI source file and Chords & Lyrics

CORRECTED: Good Girls Don’t (The Knack).zip (91.3 KB)

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Another fun song @Persist… I am having a bit of a problem though, and not sure why… I unzip it and everything looks normal, and the .sng file comes up as 13.1 KB… But when I go to import it into the BB Manager a message window pops up, that I haven’t seen with BB Manager before… I think the culprit might be the zip file… Added another 2 new songs to my BB Manager after this happened and everything worked fine with those ones… This is the message…

Error while parsing song content.
Internal parsing errors:
SongFileModel::readFromBuffer - WARNING A part of the
the file was not used by parser. The unused size is 5724
File contains more data than expected (43868 vs 38144)

Skipping file…

I’ll check it out. Appreciate your letting me know.

I’ve tested this one on 2 different computer and I think this fixes the issue so please delete the other song within the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and try with this one and let me know if it works.

If it does, I’ll update the zip package above. Thanks.

Good_Girls_Dont_v2.sng (13.1 KB)

Happy to help out, once in a while a zip file can just go wonky… Loaded the new .sng file into the BBM just fine, the old one wouldn’t load at all… Gave the new one a run through as well and it works fine… Sounds good, nice work… After you update the zip package I will unzip it and give it a trial run…

CORRECTED package uploaded. Thanks muchly.

Gave it a run through, the zip file is fixed and the .sng for the song loads just fine now… Sounds good Persist, nicely done… I remember playing that album on a cassette in my car the summer it came out…

Thanks for the song and +1…

Cheers… :beer:

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