Good Midi Cables

I am having an issue where my Midi Cables slowly come out of the Midi Maestro.
Obviously when that happens I lose control of the BB and other connected devices.
I think my cables may be too stiff?
I do not have much experience with Midi cables - I only need really short ones, as everything is on the same pedal board.

Can anyone suggest good makes of Midi cables?

I have no problem with Rockboard Midi angle cable

Thanks @NYHC, the Rockboard midi cables work great.

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The Monoprice 108532 MIDI cable is the most affordable option given here making it the perfect pick for those of you who are on a tight budget . As far as the signal goes it doesn’t make any difference but a better cable will have better connectors, materials and overall contruction, hence longer durability . More or less the same that can happen with a USB cable. MIDI cables have no sound. The only performance difference can be whether you miss notes or not.