Good source for wav files for backing tracks?

Just got my Aeros and Beatbuddy. Complete newbie to looping and Singularsound products. Beginning to intermediate guitar player.

Read that Aeros supports wav files as backing tracks. Is there a good free/paid source for such tracks online?

Thank you

You mean popular and classic songs? Look at There you can make individual backing tracks, even for each instrument as a single file. They come as mp3, but in high quality. Or go to any free midi-file site, and make your own with garageband or so.

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Thanks so much. What software would you typically use to convert the mp3 to wav?

I dont have the Aeros - can`t it use mp3? Converting / upscaling an mp3 to wav does not bring more quality - only a bigger file. But you can use many apps: Audacity, VLC Player and houndreds of other Converter Apps. Or put them to garageband end export as wav.

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This is my favorite:


You’re welcome