Grateful dead "Terrapin Station" *midi attached

Well really this is just the Lady with a Fan part, but that will suffice seeing as there isn’t a midi for the full 15 min suite. If I had a preference I’d say segmented as it seems the midi skips a few verses, however, I know that is more work so I will happily take what I can get so if a one button easiest, I won’t complain. I’d also like to add a huge thank you to all the contributors to my ever growing sd card!! Y’all have really made the BB something great!

I’ll take a whack at this

This was one of the more interesting source files to work with as it uses orchestral drums for which I don’t think we have a kit yet. I used the standard kit with it, instead; the bass sounded too muddy and I raised it an octave so the bass chord notes would have a little better articulation. The velocity for the source notes was all maxed at 127 and was jarringly loud—I brought the velocities down uniformly. Both the DOP and the OPB versions use NP StdPBass 63-91.

If you come across a better source file, I’ll be happy to re-do this song.

You sir are a king among men! Thanks again!