Great Balls Of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis

Pretty straight forward. All the pauses are built into the intro and the two fills. I’ve also added Tambourine (#54) to the Standard Kit. Have fun with it!

Could you by chance list where the transitions go? Thanks

Actually, there aren’t any transitions. Only the 2 Fill ins…
The first Fill happens in the 3 line of the second verse on the word “… changed my mind, this LOVE is fine…”
The Second Fill happens at the end of the first line of the chorus right before the pause… on the word " hold me baby… WELL…"
Same places for the third verse and last chorus.
Outro is triggered on the line “c’mon baby, you DRIVE me crazy…”

Thanks so much i appreciate it!!!

Such a shame that great work like yours would seem to require re-uploading due to some catastrophe on this forum!

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Yeah whats up with that ?

Thanks for the compliment. The fact that they’ve turfed all of our saved files is the biggest pain in the ass. I had originally uploaded everything I had created and I’m definitely not going through all of that again. With that said, I’m certainly willing to re-upload items that are requested. Sorry it’s taken this long… I haven’t been reading the forum in some time and now it’s changed. I’ll try to get to it this week sometime.

Here’s the song file again. I’ve also added the PDF of the chords, lyrics and BB notes that I use to navigate through the song. Keep in mind that I’ve added the Tambourine (midi #54) to the standard kit. I’ve included the .wav samples in case you need them as well as the velocities I’ve set them to in the Standard drum kit).

Beatbuddy Notes/Symbols Legend:
Blue Triangle (play button) = Start/Fill In
Blue square with number = Transition Fill (number represents number of bars to hold the transition fill)
Blue “P” = Pause
Red “A” = Accent
Red “O” = Outro

Great Balls of (1.2 MB)

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