Great sound dual amp setup

I’ve had a beatbuddy since oct 2014, but only integrated it into my pedalboard a few weeks ago. I use a single guitar to loop bass (octave) and guitar with a stereo ditto x2. The signal chain splits and sends the net pedalboard signal to either bass (L) or guitar ® to the beatbuddy, then ditto, then each amp.
Drums go through both, but i can send instrument to either loop channel/amp. The instruments sound way better through their respective amps, but the biggest improvement is with the drum sound!
Bass amp or guitar amp alone ends up cutting highs or lows from the drum sound, but together it’s perfect!
Bass amp nails kick and toms, guitar amp gets snare and sizzle.
I won’t have to get a keyboard amp/pa just yet

Not gonna lie; that is darn clever. Never thought of that! Would love to hear what that sounds like, I’ve been running mine through studio monitors.

2 condenser mics in XY configuration about 3’ from amps.L is bass side, R is guitar side.
The sound is obvious as to which you are listening to.
They are combined at end. I ran the guitar amp a little hot so the highs are sizzling, but turning down the drum level or guitar amp input smooths them out. Also, that amp keeps burning tubes, the non-variable bias is awful.

Every second part of it sounds exactly like as if you’ve put your amp to the bathroom!

And the first sounds like it’s covered with a pillow…
Combined, they complement, hopefully…

I will just have to try that. I have a Bass Head and a Bass Enclosure drawing dust. I might just fire it up and tap one side of the BB and run it to the Bass Amp setup. I know that the Hi’s are hard on the ears so I built a Stereo Volume/Tone Control Box which I have already mentioned just for the Beat Buddy but this sounds interesting. It would give me more control for the lower end of the sound spectrum. Thanks for the tip. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

[SIZE=4]Hi can I play my guitar plus pedals and looper through my guitar amp as usual, but have the drums from the BB through a separate clean amp? Or do I have to split the signal as you seem to suggest, so that after my looper a line [/SIZE]goes[SIZE=4] into the BB then to clean amp or PA, while other goes straight into my valve guitar amp?[/SIZE]

The beatbuddy doesn’t require any input, so it can sit out there separately and go into its own amp.

I have a stereo guitar, one is regular mag pickups, and the other is acoustic piezo ones. I run the mag setup through one chain, and the acoustic into the beatbuddy into a separate channel. I don’t use amps, so they go direct to my mixer.

I don’t suggest you -have- to do anything…
At the time, i was using a dittoX2 as looper, and fed the beatbuddy INTO the ditto, so it had to be part of the pedalboard signal chain to instrument amps.
But the beat buddy can output separate from guitar inputs.

Cool Thread! I was going to try it with my Line 6 LD300 and DT50HD and single DT25 Cab but I knew I was going to be tempted to turn it up, lol. Oh well… heads Up Neighbors Hahahahahahah

Would it help if I used the BB MIDI cable into my RC 300 Looper to get a cleaner sound,
the BB drums are very muddy?

No, anything transmitted via midi doesn’t affect the sound at all. Midi itself isn’t sound–it’s just commands. Example command: play note C at velocity 80 (of 128) and hold it for 1 second. The receiver of the command then interprets that command and makes the sound itself.

So what would I need to do to get a big sound with my setup?

ideally, run the beatbuddy into a PA or keyboard amp… it needs full range that guitar and bass amps don’t have

I have mine run through my Fishman Artist amp and then to a JBL 18 Sub and then to 2 JBL EON 615s. Huge sound. And that’s in a little room in my house. I barely open it up. To really get the most out of the BB sound, I think some low end really anchors the feel. The fantastic 32 bit sound really comes through without having to crank the volume.

I have an Infinity Looper and a BeatBuddy pedal drum machine. I need some help with routing as follows:
Send the guitar signal to my guitar amp then Send the Infinity Looper and Beatbuddy to my PA system. I’ve tried many combinations with no luck. Does anyone have experience with this? If so, leave a message or email me at I will gladly pay for your time via paypal.



Probably no need to offer to pay, Rich, as users are pretty happy to share their ideas and experience for free.

This was my one man setup.

Guitar had both acoutic and electric outs, so the chains where

Mic -> harmony -> monitor ch 1
electric -> tuner -> boogie vtwin -> monitor ch 2
acoustic -> ac-3 -> beatbuddy -> monitor ch 3
monitor -> big self powered PA speaker (on the patio, I use two!)
My monitor is a behringer B207mp3, so i could still in a thumb drive for music during my breaks. I have full control right there at my finger tips and could hear perfectly, and still have to house volume separate. I used “with bass” songs, so basically i was lead vocal, harmony vocal, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. :slight_smile:

I would put the looper in the acoustic loop, before the beatbuddy. Both signals will pass full range on to the next thing.

[ATTACH=full]4860[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4861[/ATTACH]

aashideacon’s setup is pretty solid . . . .

Maybe if you answer some questions as to how you intend to use the looper and BB:

  • are you using the looper live or have you created presets that you will use for different songs?
  • do you want to use midi to connect your BB to your looper?

An option for your consideration is to

  • connect the BB via midi to the looper (no audio patch cable, though); you can use the BB to start and stop the looper
  • run the BB audio out to powered monitor speakers
  • run the looper thru my guitar signal chain to my amp