groove monkee confused

I purchased the Jazz buddy last week from groove monkee. So right now im a bit confused. I thought they were pre done beats…how do i get them in the manager software? and hear them as i purchased them?

@Groove Monkee produce midi files and have made some compatible with the BB’s drum map however they are not sng files or pbf (folder) files. As such if you want to use the in the BB then you need to create a new song, add the midi files to the song parts, arrange them as you like and then sync. It was only the free demo pack that had songs prearranged and that was only for a few the others were again just midi files.

Groove Monkee has been gradually updating their files to include the BeatBuddy format and they just recently converted some of their midi offerings:

There should be a pbf file included with your purchase (as well as instructions on how to install). Use BBM to import the folder (pbf) and you should have all the songs that are included in the Jazz Buddy package.

Thanks so much. Got it :slight_smile: