Groove Monkey is having a half price sale right now!

Just checked their site and see that the BeatBuddy Loops are all half price right now. I grabbed the Country,Country Outlaw and the Classic Blues loops and they are really a good mix of loops.

I was just there 2 days ago but didn’t buy any. Now I’m glad I didn’t and that saw your post… I bought Country Outlaw, Big Easy, and Rock 2. Thanks!

Some good stuff to work with there. Happy jamming!

I’m assuming these are just wav files that you can import into songs you are working in BBM. Correct?

These are .sng files and include the midi files as well so you can mix and build your own. Just make sure you buy the BeatBuddy compatible offerings (most, but not all are BB-ready).

That is so awesome. I build my own generally, but if I can find some really good ones I’ll bite…

Where do you buy the beats for Beat buddy, and do they come on a disc, or do you try and load them on the disc that came with beat buddy. I am looking for more country beats

Is there anybody with experience for the GrooveMonkey rhythms? Do they sound like those demos? E.g. in Blues Slow Blues demo or big easy demo there are several other instruments included. Is this what I will hear from BeatBuddy, or is it just a demo?

Thx, Mark

I think Groove Monkee complements the Singular Sound beats quite nicely as they have a variety of beats. By “several other instruments” do you mean besides the drums? I don’t think you can expect anything but drums. The premium drum sets will be needed to take advantage of some of the drum instruments.