Groove Scribe Drum Machine

Anyone familiar with this website? It looks like you can build a drum track and play it and download it as a file.


Thanks for that! Very cool.

Essentially, it lets you work up a drum groove with clear beat divisions, a variety of beat subdivisions, 1/8, 1/16, triplets, etc., and it has a SWING setting so you can adjust the amount of swing. You can export the groove as midi track and import it into a BB song.

Downside - as best as I can tell, it only has 5 drums available, kick, snare, hat and 2 toms.

Upside - It’s a heliuva lot easier to use than the BB midi editor, and it’s free.

Repeating what Phil said, “Very cool!”. This takes me back to ease of programming my old Roland drum machines, but with mouse
Thanks… :+1:

Your Welcome. Just a lucky find. For using the BB pedal i don’t think 99% of the people need more than this offers and yes it is simple to use. Maybe the Singular Sound group can build something similar so that it is built into the BB manager. All in one app.

Nice. Takes me back to the Alesis HR16 days. Not the SR but the HR.

Still love my old Roland machines and it is a bit like step write on the R5/R8/R8MKII. Quick and easy and looks like I can actually add additional percussion in the BBM…

Also much easier than figuring out which notes will sound properly using EZDrummer and Samplitude.
I’m not as MIDI savy as some of the gurus around here.

Thanks for the share!

I’m trying to get an eighth note rest eighth note quarter note (x2) in a measure. I cannot seem to find the right 4/4 division fro the left hand menu to get what I want.

On first pass looks simple enough to get the initial groove then dress it elsewhere like REAPER using EZ drummer for example (where I find it harder to get the right thing going) then parse it to fit a BB compatible kit using the ‘Note/CC names’ txt files. Also on the plus side …no penalty for using a MAC!

In Groovescribe, you don’t enter rests. You just enter the drum/cymbal strikes at the points in the measure when the occur. You would select the eighth note subdivision. It would look like this (I am putting your track on just a snare to illustrate this):

I did nothing to enter the rest. Simply placing the first hit on the 2nd 1/8 note ends up creating the rest in Groovescribe.