GrooveMonkee beats - confused

Does anyone know if the GrooveMonkee AFRO-CUBAN MIDI PERCUSSION (BATTERY 3) beats will work on BeatBuddy or not? In the specs section in their shop site it states:
“These loops REQUIRE the samples from N.I. BATTERY 3 or Komplete v5-v8!!
NOTE: Battery 4 does NOT include the required percussion samples!!”
Despite some online research, I don’t understand whether this means that the beats will work with BeatBuddy or not.
Thanks awesome BeatBuddy forum people.

I just had a very speedy reply from GrooveMonkee with an answer:
“Hello Tim,
Thank you for your interest in Groove Monkee!
Sorry but Afro-Cuban is not compatible with BeatBuddy. It only works with Battery 3.
Best Regards,
Groove Monkee”

So that’s the answer!

That is too bad. Afro cuban is my favorite and I sure hope Beatbuddy will make a couple of addon packages for that.I put on the request for it already. I already bought the Cajon, the World and also the Flamenco ones. I keep checking if any new ones have come out

If you see any good, new Afro-Cuban beats, can you let us know on this thread please. I need them! It wouldn’t be so bad if we could make new Afro-Cuban beats with Beatbuilder, which is great for standard kit stuff but doesn’t have any of the drums needed for Afro-Cuban. BTW seasonal greetings to everyone!