Groovemonkee vs BeatBuddy premium content beats

I am curious if there is an overall consensus on which ones are more versatile and realistic sounding of a live drummer, and not much duplicate of beats already included on the pedal. I am not really looking for song specific but more variety that sound realistic to use. The BB beats are cheaper per pack but for specific songs which is not really my interest, but hear some who have bought them to make their own songs. Wish BB would get away from the cover song format for rock stuff and just sell some variety, which is why groovemonkee intrigues me.

Groove Monkee is probably the erector set of drum beats. Lots of stuff to mix and match. I like 'em but YMMV

Agreed. I’ve used both, and, while I have found the “native” beats a bit easier to work with (I edit a lot!), the Groove Monkee stuff is also very good, and very useable. Lots of stuff that is different from the BB native beats, but both are definitely useful.

So, really, I’m no help at all.


I bought a groove monkey pack yesterday (they have a sale). As a drummer myself, I find their beats much more interesting and more realistic than the same old. Also, its cool that they have Outros that are retardando.