Groovescribe to Beatbuddy

I’m using Groovescribe to get some simple beats to Beatbuddy via Midi. I’m trying to add a HiHat w/foot per the attached notation. Oops, seems I cannot attach an image on this forum.

What’s your question? We might be able to help you without visual aids!


This might work. Placing a HitHat below the staff.

Nope, I’m gonna have to see that one.


Maybe @Phil_Flood will understand what you’re trying to do, though…

OK. I’m just trying to match the pattern in the linked scan…

I don’t have permission to view it. Requested it, though. Google knows me as Cogmusico.

General midi has the pedal hat at 44, G#1. You can put the pedal hats there, or if you want to match another drum pattern program, you can change the pedal hat midi assignment in an existing drum kit to the location that you need. I have seen, for example, that built-in Logic Pro X drum kits have a “pedal hat” or “foot hat” mapped below 36, at 32 or 33, if I recall correctly.

I figured out how to get the foot hi hat in groove scribe. I’ll handle midi assignment in Reason if need be.

If in the future you have trouble uploading a file to this forum, you can zip the file and then try to upload it.

I did manage to get highhat foot added on my Mac. I am now studying on my iPad but cannot doing the same on the pad. Also don’t think I can zip a file on the pad. Basically the pattern I am working on has an “x” directly above and below the staff. I believe this means the high hat is being worked with the foot and is being struck by the stick and closing?


Refer to this chart. In your example, the x above the staff would be ride cymbal on the beat. The x below the staff is the hi hat worked with the pedal, not a stick. The lower note on the staff is the kick drum, the higher one is the snare.

Since you have a ride and a snare being struck at the same time, the x below the staff has to be a hit hat worked with the pedal, unless you are Vishnu and have more than 2 hands.

Now, these drums charts are not universal. There are variations. When that happens, usually the first instance of a drum is marked by what it is. I have seen charts that have the hi hat where this Drum Key has the ride, but when that happens, it will be marked “Hi-hat x.”

Thanks, I really appreciate the help. I did get what I wanted out of groovescribe finally.