Groovy beats

Anyone need more of these? I got plenty.

Groovy_1.sng (1.5 KB)
Groovy_R&B_1.sng (1.5 KB)
Groovy_Gospel.sng (1.7 KB)


I’d absolutely love more! nice work

Meters_Funk_1.sng (1.4 KB)
Meters_Funk_3.sng (1.7 KB)

These sound best with the Jazz drumset. Also, they sound best when playing funk (helpful hint)

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Here’s some for when your funking funk is too funktastically funklicious:

Greezy_Funk_1.sng (2.3 KB)
Greezy_Funk_2.sng (2.3 KB)
Greezy_Angry.sng (2.6 KB)

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Thank you very much!! bout to download them now

Groovy_R&B_2.sng (1.6 KB)
Groovy_to_Angry_2.sng (1.8 KB)
Garooovy_Ride.sng (1.9 KB)
Groovy_March_Tamb.sng (1.5 KB)

Sweet!!! Going to download these now! Thanks

Well, here’s some more assorted beats that I just plunked into a recent set. I hope you like.
Meters_Funk_1.sng (1.6 KB)
Folk_Tamb_1.sng (1.4 KB)
Slow_Soul_Jam_15.sng (1.6 KB)
Slow_Soul_Jam_13.sng (1.5 KB)

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