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Feature request! @BrennanSingularSound
I had an unfortunate revelation using the Aeros outside. The screen is impossible to view effectively in direct sunlight. Could there be an option in the settings to go black and white? I’m thinking that would at least give some some visibility. Of course, the colors benefit but, if you can’t see anything in the screen, B&W could provide decent contrast. Thanks for consideration.

I do not believe this would be easy to make useful we could look into this, we are possibly going to look into the ability of having specific skins, but full black and white removes all of the colors that make the Aeros useful.

We will consider it

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I had screen visibility issues as well busking in the daytime. I think just changing the highlight color from a ‘gray’ block to blue would be a huge improvement. :sunglasses::+1::notes:

We are working on visibility, it will be improved in 5.2.x, which will be available as a beta soon

However, we will not be doing it as requested exactly in this thread, stay tuned, so I will be tagging as considered !

Thanks for the feedback!