Guitar Effects Pedal recommendations for recording...


I mostly use an OCD pedal and a Chorus and delay. They work great for me and I am pretty happy with the results.

My friend, however, has an old crappy “stomp box” that introduces lots of noise when recording so I am looking for any advise you other betabuddy-ers may have regarding a multi-effect board. The recorder is a Tascam DP-24 and is pretty good for what we do. We used to have a Fostex MRD-8HD, and it was OK but also introduced a lot of mechanical noise from the hard drive.

I don’t really want to get into the debate of single effects vs. multi effects (as you can see, I like the singles myself) but am just looking for a good multi effect box he can use. It should have good amp modeling since he is not going to use an amp. I just looked at a thing made by Tech 21 called a Fly 5, and it looks spot on for what he needs. I know Boss has a bunch and so does VOX. This will solely be used in a recording environment.

Thanks for any advise, experience and ideas!


If you only need the amp modeling, one of the Tech 21 Character pedals might be the ticket. If you want a jack of all trades, you’ll need to go with something like a Line 6 HD500, Vox, Boss. Just make sure you like the way the amp emulations sound.


Thanks David E! We will end up in a store next week to noodle through these things.


I would also see and listen to some youtube videos before purchasing anything. But you probably know, but an amplifier is what affects the overall sound most of all. So maybe you should start with picking a tube amplifier?

Miking an amp produces much better results than simply recording a Line In :slight_smile:


There are a lot of options to consider, but I use a Zoom G5 multieffects processor and love it. There are many who do as well, as its simple to use and effects are realistic sounding (Delays and reverbs are awesome). Its a pretty good deal at $299 new compared to the Line6 HD series which are more complex but not realistic sounding to many, but are also more flexible. It really depends on what sounds you are looking for but I would give this one a closer look as it sounds as good as it gets for Digital at a reasonable price. I make some pretty complex sounds and like to stack delays and such. Then again you can start buying single pedals too but that is another route which can get costly but has different results - Personally I use an OCD in front of my G5 too because I love that Overdrive specifically.