Guitar Stu in Action

Hi Folks. I put together a quick demo clip with the hope of getting some more gigs and thought I might share it here. I’ve only been playing some word of mouth parties so far but wanna play out some more. My singing is a work in progress but has come along way. I’m not a natural and was someone who thought there was no way they could ever learn to sing. There are some other clips on the page with the other guys the band also with the beatbuddy.


Sounds really great! I Love the sound you’re getting from the arrangement and speakers. Singing is great too - I never considered myself a singer either but I persisted with trying anyway and I’m getting better. I can even hit notes now that were impossible a year or so ago, and I mean impossible because I definitely tried and have painful recordings to prove it. Are the drums coming from the Beatbuddy? Amazing! And what about the bass? Are you using backing tracks? And what other equipment are you using, sound system etc.? Sorry for all the questions but if I would love to get that sort of sound from my setup. I have all the gear I just don’t know how to put it together!

Hi Tom. Thanks for the comments. I am using a very basic but maybe a little unconventional setup. I’ve tried to get my setup as simple as I can which means I ditched my normal amp. The guitar looses a bit of quality but I still think it sounds good enough how it is and I can always plug my amp in if need be.

My Guitar is plugged straight into my pedal board (more about that in this post here) which has a Joyo American pedal which is basically my amp and a tubescreamer clone and a compressor. This then goes into the beatbuddy. The signal out of the beatbuddy then is drums, guitar and bass (from the beatbuddy) and is mixed for levels using the volumes on the beatbuddy and the American Pedal.
This then goes into a Roland Street Cube which I use as a mixer and foldback speaker. The signal goes into the instrument plug on the Street Cube and then the sound can be tweeked with the eq knobs and some reverb added. My Mic plug’s into the mic channel on the Street Cube and then is mixed for levels with the drums and what I want to hear when playing. I feel I get a good vocal sound out of the Street Cube. I have modded a switch into the Street cube which allows me to use the headphone out as a line out while still getting sound from the Street Cube. This then goes out to my PA which is a B52 Matrix 1000 powered sub and two 8" satelite speakers and I can turn up or down the front of house volume from the sub.

This B52 Matrix is where the great sound for the beatbuddy comes from and the video doesn’t do it justice. The sub really gives it a kick.

All the tracks I use are ones I have made except for I shot the Sheriff and can be found in resources.

Sounds just as good as most anyone I’ve seen in the Bars of NY. I think (if you could) a live bass player would round out a cool performance. Its hard all on your own.

Kick ass! Pardon my French. You’ve got a nice list going on, BB + guitar and all. You can definitely hear the subwoofer. Very nice, congrats. Hope you get as many gigs as you can handle!

Here is the clip with a bass player. There are some other clips there with a singer if you watch on Youtube and click on the youtube user name.

Yes very good. Just my own opinion. I think one more live person just adds to it. One person up there with a bunch of devices just takes away from the live performance. Although you pulled off both nicely and your quite capable of doing both very well.

Of course im originally a drummer so maybe theres a little bitterness deep down not liking the machines replacing my first love. LOL

Great tune selection. Sounds awesome Stu!