GuitarPro + BB want to use MIDI to start both together


I would like to start a song in Guitar Pro 6 and have it use MIDI (I guess?) to also start the song on my BB.

I have the Guitar Pro with Fretlight support, so if I could click on play in GP6 (it can give you a 4 beat countdown) and have it start both the GP6 song in time with the BB, that would be very cool.

It goes without saying I need to buy the BB MIDI cable, and I also own a UNO USB-2-MIDI and the Roland UM-ONE, one of those 2 should work. I will have to figure out how to have GP6 send a MIDI signal to start a song, and also hope this will work going to the BB?

#1) I would hope the BB can accept some sort of MIDI “Start Song” command?
#2) Does the BB come with the MIDI cable, I bought mine new, so if it is in the box, I will go find it.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: