Half open Hihat?

Hi. For a rocking shuffle i need a half open hihat (i hope you know what i mean - not completely closed, but not fully open). Is there any drumset with such a “sound”? Would be best if this sound replaces a normal closed hihat-sound so that i can use all shuffle-patterns i have.

I believe the Rock Drum set has the half Hi hat but you have to pick a beat that uses it. Try out the rock beats to hear it first then you may have to do some BBM editing on the beats you like and replace the drum set with the rock drum set. Hope that makes sense

What would be better? To edit the beats (=patterns?) or shall I edit the Drum Set (= change the “Closed Hihat WAV” into "half Open Hihat WAV)?

My preference is to edit the beats. If you edit the drum kit, you should save the drumkit with a new name, which is not as straight forward as it might sound. Better to edit the beat and keep the drum kit intact.

Thanks. It worked: i copied an existing kit under a new name, imported this, added an extra midi instrument. Then i modified a shuffle beat, great.

But: it was n t possible to import the new named kit as long as the original kit was loaded too. I think this is different to the tutorial video.

You probably didnt change the kit name INSIDE the kit. I had a tutorial posted on this, but, as you know, all screen shots are off in ozone somewhere. I’ll see if I saved the tutorial.

Here it is: