Half Speed\Double Speed

So I notice in the BB’s pedal MIDI settings there is Half Speed (CC82) and Double Speed (CC83).
I’ve never noticed these before, and I cant say I’ve seen it mentioned in any Documentation, apart from one mention in update post " Half/Double time now changes at the end of a measure" .

It is awesome!

Just tried it out using PadKontrol.
I set 2 pads to CC82, CC83. and BB responds very well.

  • It’s momentary latch so only changes tempo if I hold the pad. It returns to base tempo at the end of measure once its released.

This is awesome.
I love using the BB with my guitar, and infinity looper. I also have it hooked up to Reaper, and send MIDI CC to play\pause\fill\transition, and now, Half speed. HALF SPEED! :sunglasses:

Reaper and BB work very well together, and I can use the BB as a MIDI instrument ( play snares, Toms etc with note on) , or control the BB with CC message for Start\stop etc. I configured Reaper’s RecControlMIDI to show and select all my Songs by Folder.

The folks at Singular are awesome. I really appreciate that they work to improve an already brilliant product.

Thanks for your brilliant support.