Hampton and Mingus 2

This is a drop-in replacement for the original Hampton and Mingus kit, finally rebuilt to be center panned. New, costly, resources were used in its development. Bass and vibes are from Orange Tree Samples, using their lovely CoreBass Pear and Pure Jazz Vibes. I broke down and got myself Moonkits for my birthday, and that is most of the drumkit, being supplemented with some of Native Instruments Abbey Road drums for the cymbals, where needed, and a variety of other sources for some of the more obscure drums, not normally found in kits. My old Yamaha Motif samples came in handy. One HUGE improvement is the brush snare which is now mapped at 34, and is in a choke group with the snares at 36 and 40. This brush snare sample is coded as “non-percussion,” meaning that it will play for the length of the midi note. This enables the user to create a more realistic brush sample part, where you could have a long drag on beat 1, and shorter drags on 2,3,4, for example. Or, you can put the drag before the beat, an then use 36 or 40 to kill it on the beat.

I’ve spent about two weeks (while fighting this damn Covid) getting the balance compatible with the original Hampton and Mingus, and I’m satisfied with the results. I’ll be building some variations of this kit over the coming weeks. I am particularly looking forward to building a 4 piece kit with Piano in Blue, to my ears the best sounding jazz piano available. It is recorded from THE piano used for Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue.” Just something to look forward to.


Looking forward to your variations.

Is this useful if you are only interested in the drums? I won’t use the bass or vibes.

Thanks for the effort BTW, regardless of your answer.

Sure, just don’t program any midi in 2-31 range, or the 84 to 127 range. As long as you are using notes with the standard general midi range for drums, 36 to 81, you’ll be fine. There are also the sweep at 34, a 2nd kick at 35, a bell tree at 82, and a gong at 83.

Fascinating development. Maybe even more so for those of us who grew up playing jazz and listening to Gary Burton and the like. I always especially appreciate the detailed thoughtful background - part of my education.

Hope the Covid bout is no more than a passing thing for you.

Covid Tested today and came back negative. :slight_smile:

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