Hand Beats Drumset?

Just got some updates from Goran, one of which was Handbeats. I found I did not have the drumset for these, so went to his site to buy it, BUT it seems it is a factory set…however it is not on my Beatbuddy Factory card? Can anyone direct me to where I can obtain this kit please?


I think this is what you’re looking for “Default BeatBuddy Drumset updates”…

The last update I was aware of was v1.1. While this update v1.2 is relatively new, I would have thought there would have been some notification either on the forum or via email in the last couple of days.
Plainly the organization and management of software and firmware by Singular Sound outright sucks. What should be consolidated in a common location is in different places between SingularSound.com and myBeatbuddy.com. If you want the BBM software from Singular Sound’s site the link there takes you to the old forum which takes you to the first post dated Aug 25, 2016. Is Aug 2016 v1.64 the latest software?. Click that link and v1.65 pops up for download. Rather than link it the way they did, they could have linked it to the link above I gave you. Everything, software and firmware should be located in one place and if done correctly should include a version history so you know what the update does for you. This is just another example of poor organization like losing a lot of the old resources on the old forum and now having two forums to deal with.
Sorry for the rant. It just gets tiring having to search for things the way it’s been laid out.

Thanks Mark - fwiw, I understand your annoyance…I could not find this TBH, so I am happy that you could!

ahhh, the HandSet data is not there. According to Goran it is a Singular Sound BB default “kit”??

Take a look in that recent update and see if you have something called Percussion 1.1 or 1.2 that you can assign to the Handbeats.
In the 1.1 update I have there was a bonus hand percussion which uses the Percussion1.1

ok, I’ll check that out. Thanks Mark