Hand clapping and finger-snapping

Would love to add hand clapping in several songs. Also desire finger-snapping i.e. Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time” ; currently using brushes.

Great idea!

Hang in there Vinny! I’ve had a lot of the same issues and will be posting a good kit very soon. It will only use sounds from the Beat Buddy folks so will be FREE! Yea!

Any update on this? I am quite interested in this as well. (Just adding a little encouragement, the help you along ;0)

What is the question again? Each kit comes with hand clap, or you can load your own sample for a finger click - however you will need a midi file programmed to trigger it.

You can also set the hand clap to be an accent hit, if you want to initiate the claps manually and dynamically. There are already hand clap WAV files available, just click on the accent hit part, and you should be directed to the WAV files on your computer.

Hi, I just found this site.

The samples there include LOTS of interesting sounding sounds, but you can get just a collection of snaps claps ETC. So, have fun! I’m tempted. :slight_smile:

They offer a free sample pack. There are a couple of nice claps, but no snaps in the samples. But I’m tempted to put together a “stomp / clap” beat / drumset. We’ll see. :slight_smile:

Site is not working. I tried to register and the whole bit but it comes up cancelled.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.