Hand Drum Kit

So I just purchased several things from the new content store…

I got some Hand Drum beats and it says “Beats designed specifically for the default Hand Drum Set Supplied with the pedal”…

I can’t find the Kit… I downloaded the default kits from the site and it’s not listed in the excel spread sheet that is in the default file…
E981B5D1.DRM 1. Standard
977B149C.DRM 2. Rock
01A3DBCD.DRM 3. Metal
F9F8CF0C.DRM 4. Jazz
D7E852D5.DRM 5. Brushes
8B3F28C7.DRM 6. Percussion
95768E0E.DRM 7. Latin
D98AD26B.DRM 8. Dance
1EC5849B.DRM 9. Ethereal
263A773F.DRM 10. Voice

Can someone please direct me to the default Hand Drum Kit…

It´s the Percussion set… Did confuse me too, but works.

Thanks Dennis…

Is it just me, or are there really no transitions or fills for the hand drums? I got them loaded, and I get nothing for fills, intros, transitions, etc…

Me also… I think it`s just what it is:(

Some of the naming conventions are very confusing - this got me too.