Hands-Free New Song Creation

I searched high and low and can’t believe this hasn’t been asked yet!…

I would love the ability to start with a blank new song when I turn Aeros on. Or another similar option - when I’m already in a track can we hands-free cue up a blank new song using our feet?

Every time I turn on Aeros it starts at the last song and I have to do the dreaded slumped over the peddle board button pushing to cue up a new track.

IMO this is a no-brainer feature for ANY looper let alone a $700 unit. When inspiration hits in the middle of noodling you want to be able to quickly click into a blank track and start recording… not bent over getting it all prepped for spontaneous recording.

Thanks for listening and for responses. I’m hoping I’m just an idiot and missed this feature!


A midi foot controller could accomplish this for you (and so much more).

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Midi controller*
CC34 value 0 for 2x2 and value 1 for 6x6 can do the job

Ahuh!.. that’s why there’s so much talk about midi in this forum!.. sure the BB is great BUT… yeah the Aeros is great BUT…

BUT… if you really want the best experience you need midi - oh! and check out this other great SS product - it’s called the MIDI Meastro.

I’m a midi neophyte but now I’m starting to get it as I question the need for other features and unlocking the full capabilities of being locked into the BB/Aeros eco system. So now I contemplate the $300 plunge for the MM. Brilliant business model SS, well played.

Thanks for the midi advice above all.

There is another thread on this which talks about some plans for this type of feature (as well as some more elaborate ideas), Hands-free song selection

This type of capability will really open up the Aeros (without Midi)

There are a ton of other midi controllers, though MM comes with Aeros and BB presets out of the box.