Hands free song selection

with the new firmware there is hands free song selection.
Its nice.
But after I’ve completed a song and ready to load my next song how do I get to the song list using my feet?

You can’t. Hands free is another set of features.

Let’s hope they figure out how to do this … well.

Hey there, for the hands free selection in last release, do you mean via MIDI?

Once we implement our first expansion of Hands-Free capability you will be able to access the Songs List hands-free!

We hope to get to this soon after lock tracks is implemented.

I have the MM
Can I be going hands free with song selection?
If so how?

In Aeros Mode (default mode) the MM has commands built in to go to the songs list and scroll up/down/select songs

If you have an Android you can use the MIDI Maestro app to make a custom mode.

If you can do this, you will need the following commands:

Songs List/Loop Studio - CC:35

  • Value 0: Goes to Songs List
  • Value 1: Goes to Loop Studio screen (if already in Loop Studio screen, is ignored)

Scroll Up/Down (Songs List) - CC:36

  • Value 0: Scroll down list (songs list, or otherwise if relevant)
  • Value 1: Scroll up list (songs list, or otherwise if relevant)
  • Value 2: Select (currently highlighted item in song list)

I’d suggest putting Songs List and Loop Studio commands on a toggle.

I’m using MM to move BB song list can this be done simultaneously?

Are you creating a custom mode or using the default mode?

I’m just using what was already loaded on the MM
Custom mode was to complicated for me

I’d highly suggest the app, because it will make this very easy, however, you can access the MM main menu hands-free by holding the bottom left and bottom center buttons at the same time. The downside here is the MM will send the messages you press on.

From there you can switch what mode you’re on.

I have the app.
Found it not user friendly
I was a beta tester
So in the app I can put
BB song list up and down
Aeros song list up and down
Same page or same buttons?
If so how?

I’m using the MM Aeros feature.

But it has no effect on the Aeros

Bottom left and bottom center bottoms on MM pressed do not take me to anything.

Bottom right and center do a clutch feature


Everything thing is working MM wise.

Had to select midi thru on BB main pedal.

MM had to get firmware update.

So where or how can I get my BB song list up and down.

And Areos song list up and down plus the Aeros exit on the same page?

I have the app.

I select a custom page.

Then what numbers will I need?

Exit on Areos seems to open the s ong screen.

The CC numbers you need for the Aeros are in the post I made above. Please be careful when posting images, this looks very spammy.

For BB CC messages go here.

2 hours I’ve spent trying to program

This MM

This is not user friendly

BB scroll

Channel 1

CC 119

Value 0 up


Channel 1

CC 119

Value 1

Dosent work for me


Well you get the picture

All I want is to scroll song lists

Up and down on the same bank.

Areos Areos. BB

Song select. SCROLL. SCROLL

Aeros Aeros BB


They work in MM default settings

Just on different pages

How can my pedal board do this please.

I have finally got it!

It took all night!

The app is not user friendly for me anyway.

Mabey for the new generation of guitar players.

I’m an analog type guy.

Vacuum Tubes yes!

Digital No!

Love the technology but it’s like grandmas new VCR blinking 12:00 all the time.

I do get it now!

As I learn the new technology I love it but its very frustrating getting there.

Thank you for your patience.


Hey there, I’m glad you got it figured out! The app is definitely a work in progress :sweat_smile:, we are nearly finished with the first manual for both the MM and the app, hopefully this will help you in the future!

Thank you for taking the time to get it squared, we appreciate the feedback and hope to improve it as time goes on.