Hands Free Song Selection?

Is this available?

Not fully, there is still not a fully hands-free method of starting a new song/choosing an existing song without a MIDI controller. We have a plan for this, you can find out about that here.

Thank you Brennan. Can you tell me if the Mestro will allow me to select songs from Aeros? And I’m new to midi…can you recommend a midi controller that will do this?

The Midi Maestro allows handsfree song selection when set to Aeros mode.

Hey there,

The MM has methods to both create new songs or open the songs list and open songs on the Aeros hands-free, yes.
As far as other controllers that can do this, what you may be asking for is a MIDI command that opens a specific song, like how our drum machine pedal the BeatBuddy currently works.

The issue here is that the Aeros does not currently support this and so changing MIDI controllers won’t solve this issue, we must add the ability to do it. This is something we know the forum is quite keen on us adding, we have all the intention of doing it ASAP, keep in mind we have other things we are working on currently.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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