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Did a little programming w/ Bandhelper tonight. Setting tempo w/ hex. Stuff like that. I gotta figure out what hex to use that’ll let me skip intros, start with another song part, and use an alternate drum set.
Trying to get smarter about working w/ BB. Any additional content I add to the SD card will go at the end of what on there already so I don’t wipe out all my previous work. Now why I didn’t think of that before, I don’t know. :slight_smile:

I like this setup, having BeatBuddy sitting on the end of my keyboard and facing me so I can easily see what it’s doing. Velcro’d.


Drums are easy and you don’t need raw MIDI hex for it in bandhelper , although you could do it that way. It’s simply CC 116 and then value 1 for drum set number 1, value 2 for drum set number 2 etc.

Also worth noting at one point in the past you would have to create MIDI presets for tempo (specific BPM) but now BandHelper can send that on song selection from its own tempo setting without any MIDI preset at all…look under the Tempo & Pitch settings of BandHelper

I haven’t yet setup anything for going direct to certain song parts (therefore no intro) as that hasn’t been possible so far with the BB, but I haven’t checked the new firmware that allows the MIDI maestro to do that. In theory it should be possible. Not sure if there is an updated MIDI guide yet?


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Yes, I’ve got the Drums control message thing - CC 116 + value. And I’m also using hex to set tempo:
B1 6A 00 (or 01 if bpm is > 127)
B1 6B hh

Do you know if it’s possible to send hex to skip intro of start with, for example, part 2? Skipping the intro per song would be better that doing it globally because messes up a lot if not all of the artists songs.

What I was saying is you don’t need to send raw MIDI hex as a preset in BandHelper for tempo. In your BandHelper song just enter the BPM in the tempo box, then go to the app settings and tell it to send that to the beatbuddy on song selection.

As mentioned I’ve not looked into the part selection yet, so can’t help on that at the mo.

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oh… this I must see :slight_smile: Charging my iPad. lol it’ll be a few. But if
that’s the case, it’s huge in saving time.

I just took a look at the parts and transitions and there are no new instructions, so if you issue the cc code for part two (cc 113 value 2) the beat buddy goes into transition fill until it receives 113 0

I tried sending the 0 straight away but BB always plays one bar transition fill regardless.

So unless someone with the midi maestro can confirm the codes sent we’ll have to wait for an updated manual I think!

Chris, this is awesome! Thanks for the insight. So much quicker than the hex route.

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