happy dog

hi all anyone heard of happydog midis they do a cool mix of rockabilly surf beats ,are they bb compatible does any body know cheers from scotland

Thanks for bringing this up.

The HappyDog Media web site does not state whether or not they support BeatBuddy format however, they do state that they are General MIDI compliant. I downloaded one of their demo packs that has a limited number of demo. I also opened their MIDI files in my DAW and they do follow the GM standard for drums.


My suggestion would be that if you’re interested, download their Freebies pack and see for yourself.

The files they provide are like the pieces of a Lego set—you can mix and match their files to create a song. Here’s a screen shot of the contents of one of their demo folders:
My impression is that they aren’t crafting their files to be ready-out-of-the-box beats for BeatBuddy. Some of the genres include intros and main beats and some have fills but it seems kind of limited. What’s there doesn’t sound bad but for the price and for the BeatBuddy, I would have expected each folder within a genre to have intros, main beats, drum fills, transition fills and outros. But maybe they do and this is just the limitation of a demo pack. You’re probably better off looking for providers that support BeatBuddy such as Singular Sound and Groove Monkee.

hey there hope your well ,i tried to buy the rockabillymasters pack but had great dificulty …didnt see the the freebies tho ,ive bought some great beats from groovemonkee …and ive got as much as i need from singular …its just the rockinbeats now first gig 21st oct as a trio …thanks for your reply …ive matched around 45 songs to the various beats and would like to share these …with bb buddies .,gonna try this week cheers

just downloaded freebie …