Happy Friday you legends. Operational question

My beatbuddy died because what I presume was me accidentally plugging in the wrong power chord. I got a new one… I somewhere had the previous one setup where if it was on a song and in “pause mode” with the footswitch…if I held down the main pedal would shift to “stop”. I can’t figure out the setting to get it there.

Help me gurus

Please write to support@singularsound.com

If you were updating fw and lost power you may only need to flash the unit to bring it back, otherwise if you used the wrong cable and it fried the unit, there’s nothing that can be done other than replacing what fried inside the unit.

Please be aware if the latter is the case this likely voids your warranty!

Thank you for your question and best of luck

Yeah. I wonder if it can be repaired??

yes it can be repaired if you used a wrong power supply, on the I/O bord there is a chip, the BD9328EFJ, this needs to be replaced. You’ll need advanced SMD soldering skills. But most likely it will work again after the replacement. But warrenty is void, like Brennan said. But if it’s already broken what’s there to lose? the part only costs a few bucks.

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Do you know of anyone here that does this?.I would like to have an extra one so I can leave the other one in my gig bag