Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all the Beat Buddies out there…Rock On…

Many Happy Returns Mike. I hope you celebrated in style. I spent last night ringing in the new year playing a gig and using my Beat Buddy. I wonder was anyone else using theirs as the clock struck 12 midnight. I programmed up my beat for Auld Lang Syne and did the count down, let a huge Happy New Year roar and went straight into Auld Lang Syne with my trusty Beat Buddy keeping perfect time for me. Great gig. I uploaded one of the videos of last night in the video section here. Dancing in the Moonlight by Thin Lizzy.

Happy New Year. Vibe4Philo. I too am a huge Thin Lizzy fan lucky enough to have seen them in '79. Phil was the best front man ever. Idont see your vid.

Happy New Year too

Mine starting with a BB tomorrow

Oh man, you got to see them in '79. That would have been with Gary Moore on guitar touring the Black Rose Album. What an absolute gem of a show that must have been. All the very best stuff that Lizzy had ever recorded, culminating in 1979. The albums that came after that, for me, were great, but they were not as good as the Robbo-Gorham era or the Moore-Gotham era. Well fair play to you.

Coincidently, I was at a show in Dublin on Monday of this week called “The Vibe For Philo”. Monday was the 4th of January and it was 30 years to the day that Phil passed away. I go to the Vibes every year. They are really a celebration of Phil Lynott and all his work. It really is a special night

I had put the video on the the video section of the forum and not here but I will share the link with you now. Also on the video section where I had uploaded “Dancing” another forum user called Brainyricardo posted an excellent drum beat to “Dancing”. far better than the one that I was using. So you can bet your ass, I’ll be using his one from now on.

So here is the video

Nice, 30 years!!! Man. Gary is my favorite guitar player but I agree on Robo/Goram they were the gang that backed their S*&% up!!
keep rocking.