Hard to see "selected song" in list of songs

The selected song is highlighted in gray which is:

  • Impossible to see when viewing the Aeros at some angles (e.g., standing up over it). It’s the viewing angle of the display…
  • Does not pop like the outline box that indicates the selected song
  • Isn’t obvious when you see it next to the gray box for search

One idea is to swap the two ways of highlighting songs (outline versus gray background).

There are better ways to indicate selection. Generally it’s good to have a second indication if color/shade is used to avoid issues for color blind/impaired people (e.g., a color and a change of shape like a box or icon. Pedals are often used in bad lighting situations which make this worse.

Not a huge deal now that I know, but it makes the experience confusing and frustrating…

We can look into it, this is more of a polish than a bug, maybe we should make a new section for that…

You think people will correctly use another category and prioritize their requests/issues?

Copy the good ones to Jira or whatever you use to track requests for the dev team … and rank/categorize them there. That’s where you get value in prioritization and categorization. The forums will always be messy…

I agree it’s a polish issue. It’s probably a “nice to have” (or “must have … eventually”). It’s also likely small, and sometimes it’s fun/healthy for the team/product to knock off a lot of easy, non-urgent issues. The hard ones are the "nice to have’.

FYI, I put the countdown number of measures to the end of the loop and a thicker, more obvious end of loop vertical “bar” in this category (not that I would ever post an off topic issue is a thread).

I am not one to flirt with chaos so I guess I’ll take that comment with a pinch of salt.

If nothing else, this is what I do

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