Has Anyone Changed Drum Kits using MIDI ?

Thanks to a lot of the users in this forum and especially The Big E, I was able to get setlist maker to change beat , tempo and volume for each song in my list & Its working great, but now I’m coming across something new and would like to try changing Drum kits through Midi. It seems I have to use Raw Midi data in setlist maker so I’ve been doing some tests with

b9 74 02

Which (I think) is the correct hex for changing drum kits in BB but nothing is happening.
Was hoping someone here has had some success with changing Drum Kits using MIDI.
Thank you for any info

John, in Arduino, with the MIDI library, I send MIDI.sendControlChange(116, X, 1)

CC command, drum kit number, MIDI channel

In hex, I believe it would be: (0x74,x,0x1)

Thank you for the reply. What dos the X represent ?

the format that I’m familiar with, is to send parameters as follows:

[CC command], [drum kit number], [MIDI channel]

So to change drum kit to say, the Standard kit, which has an ID of zero, I’d send (116,0,1).

So have you done this and it worked? I asked because I’ve been trying all these different ways and it’s not working. I’m running out of ways to get this working.

This is exactly what I use in my application:

MIDI.sendControlChange(116, kit, 1);

According to the BB MIDI manual:
CC-116 [1-127] Selects a specific drumset, 0-127 being the “ID” assigned to the kit (I think the BB manager does this).

So I send 116, with a value of 0, and I send it on channel 1, and BB changes to drum set Standard.

be sure to send a CC (control change) command, not a PC (program change) command.

Thank you for the info. I will go over it again. So Far I set up my application using CC to change the Volume, Tampo , change Beats, start fills and active accent hits as well as start transitions and Outro but for some reason I can not get it to change the drumset. Thanks again for your help I appreciate the info.

b9 74 02 would send a 116 (hex 74) CC on midi channel 10 (one greater than the number after the b because channels nums start at zero internally) with a value of 2 (I guess that selects drumset # 3 if zero is the first one)
Id your BB listening to midi on omni? If not then it would have to listen on chanel 10

Hey Big E - I have put that together and I do have BB on Omni. All other CC commands work perfectly, Thanks to you teaching how to convert to Hex. I’ve been playing around with different values but did start off with b9 74 01 and got no response. Was hoping it changed something in the BB display, just to see any response but when I send that hex nothing happens. I did forget to say that I didn’t yet get a chance to update the firmware. I’m thinking this may be the issue. I’m a little afraid to because I got most of my stuff working nicely. I dont want to risk a major issue.

Could be firmware level. Doc I have for 1.79 mentions CC 116 but doc for 1.77 does not Although it may well have just not been documented)
I’m running the 1.85 level firmware and I’m very happy with it.

ok I’m going to go with it and do the update tonight . I’ll let you know if it works after that. Thats again for your input.

OK so stupid of me. I went against a rule of my own to make sure software is updated before testing or trying to troubleshoot. It was the firmware. I needed the latest one. Thanks again to anyone who offer help. Now I’m going to purchase a midi pedal board and go crazy with this . lol


Keep us updated with your MIDI experimentation.

Have you figured out what midi pedal board you’re going to get?

I’ve been reading the Owners Manual for the FCB1010. Its not to expensive and it seems like it will work we’ll with BB’s MIDI CC Commands. I’m looking to purchase this next week.

I will . Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Thanks, jstrausss. Look to hearing good things about the FCB1010

If you are using the stock FCB1010 then get this and a windows pc:
It makes editing settings much easier than all that button pressing although you do need a midi interface for the PC, a cheap usb one works just fine.

Good info here as well http://host.mtnsys.com:81/faq-fcb/IdiotsGuide.htm

There’s also a firmware ‘upgrade’ for it called Uno. Supoposed to be better than the ‘official’ firmware although I have no experience with it. Info here http://www.ossandust.be/

Thats great Thank you. I did see that software. One of the reasons why I most likely will go with the FCB1010. I agree, without that software it looks like a pain to configure.

Thank you for this advice scudd - it is just what I was looking for and has resolved a similar problem that I was having in getting the right command to change the drum kit.