Has anyone deleted all the fills?

Hi, so I like the drum grooves from the Beat Buddy but hate the fills ! I can see that there’s an option to disable the intro and outro fills. As far as I can tell there’s no option to disable the transition fills. (this would be a good feature in the next update)
So I’ve started deleting all the fills on the BB manager. However I was just wondering if anyone had already done it and could pass along the edited files. Otherwise if you see this in the future hit me up as I’m literally going to delete every fill so that each song goes from one main groove to another.
In retrospect I might have bought the wrong product!

I see the fills in the songs as a collection of fills, you need to search the correct fills for your needs when you are creating a song. SS could have put all the fills in one directory to select from. But aperently they chose to put them into the songs. Just a matter of preference.

Yeah I understand that the fills don’t always match and that can be personal preference.
I would like the option (basically every time) to be able to go to the next groove without a transition fill at all. So the only way I can get around this is to delete all the fills and transition fills in the BB manager.