Has anyone got beatbuddy to sync with a Ditto X4?

I’ve been using midi since the 80’s and I can sync better by ear than beatbuddy. I saw other posts where people were having problems syncing up to a Ditto X4.Has anyone had any luck? I pulled out some old gear to try.

I figured out how to get BB to sync with Ditto X4 using Bluetooth midi connected to OnSong on my iPad. The key is to buy an $8 midi splitter cable - 1 male end and 2 female ends (Amazon)… You plug the BB midi cable into the BB, then you plug the “in” bluetooth midi cable into the “in” cable of the BB. On the “out” cable from the BB you plug in the midi splitter (Y) cable. Then you plug in the “out” midi cable coming out of the BB into one of the splitter cables (this will provide power to the bluetooth midi). Into the other open end of the splitter you plug a regular midi cable, and the other end of this cable you plug into the midi “in” slot on the Ditto X4. You set Midi on the BB to be “midi out” and voila these babies stay in sync. Plus you can use OnSong midi commands on the iPad to automatically select the right beat and tempo so when you switch songs it’s all set.