Has anyone gotten their Black Friday SD card/Footswitch+ bundle?

I’m curious. I ordered the Black Friday premium library SD card and special edition Footswitch+ bundle.

I received a thin padded envelope with the SD card, but the Footswitch+ was nowhere to be found. No other ship notice. No indication that the SD card was a partial shipment. Nothing. I e-mailed Singular about it, but haven’t heard back.

Has anyone gotten the whole enchilada?

I got the same as you, just the card. Somewhere I recalled something about the card and pedal being in separate shipments.

That’s reassuring. My main concern was that there was an oops with just my order. If that’s how they’re processing the shipments, then I can be patient. :sunglasses:

I’m in the same boat (also ordered a cabli). Anyone heard an update ?

I got my foot switch on Thursday. It’s one of the shag models.